Training Case Studies


Mobile Training – Cohort International has planned, developed and implemented training curricula for the United States Coast Guard in Close Quarter Combat techniques. Working over three years on the schedule and at locations specified by the USCG, our certified instructors qualified their personnel in basic and advanced programs including:
  • Planning
  • Entry (2, 4 & 6 man)
  • Command and Control
  • Full building takedowns
  • Barrier Penetration
  • Mechanical Breaching
  • Tactical use of breaching tools and shotguns
  • Weapon Manipulation Drills
  • Simulations
  • Assault Planning
  • Perimeter Control
  • Marshalling
  • Hostage Handling
  • Personnel Searches
  • Identification and Reaction to IEDs
Pre-Deployment - In support of US reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, Cohort International designed and implemented a special weapons familiarization and qualification program for over 100 civilian DOD contractors prior to their deployment to Afghanistan. Cohort International sourced and procured the specified weapons for qualification and coordinated the use of firing ranges, and support services, delivering a turnkey solution to the client.

Corporate Training Platforms – Cohort International has designed and implemented numerous training and personnel development programs for multi-national corporations, particularly in the hospitality, energy and manufacturing sectors. A number of these programs are delivered as part of comprehensive risk consultancy and security assessment programs designed to improve the client corporation’s business continuity processes, mitigate risk to personnel and stop theft. Our training programs have included:
  • Individual Protective Measures
  • Hostage Avoidance and Survival
  • Instruction in Sexual Harassment Policies and Rape Awareness
  • Weapons Familiarization
  • Defensive Driving
  • Crisis Management