Operational Case Studies


Utilities – In the wakes of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike, Cohort International deployed and managed over 500 static security personnel and mobile teams to secure critical infrastructure at a major national utility company’s sites in Louisiana and Texas, assist with their relief operations and clean-up efforts.

Critical Facilities – Cohort International conducted a full-spectrum security and tactical deployment audit and assessment for the Department of Entergy’s critical facilities. Our cleared professionals evaluated the Strategic Petroleum Reserve’s strategic and tactical plannings, conducted reviews of site security and contingency plans, and evaluated force-on-force tactics, including counter-ambush techniques, tactical movements, entry-denial strategies and active shooter scenarios.

Energy – Cohort International has provided risk consultancy and security assessment services for several major oil and gas corporations in multiple locations in Africa and the Americas, including high threat environments. Our security consultants conducted reviews and provided recommendations for improving security, incident response and health and safety procedures at various sites.

Hospitality Industry – Cohort International conducted security assessments, provided training programs to staff in individual protective measures, incident response and rape awareness, and has posted security teams for a prominent international hotel chain.

International Corporations – A major international food manufacturer and distributor was experiencing severe threats to its employees as well as the hijacking of its shipments in a country ridden with criminality and violence. Cohort International conducted a review of the company’s distribution methods, and assessed the vulnerabilities to its offices and personnel. Based on those assessments and in consultation with corporate stakeholders, Cohort implemented risk mitigation procedures that drastically reduced hijackings, and designed and delivered training to corporate personnel in threat detection and hostage avoidance, individual protective measures, defensive driving and weapons familiarization.

Personal Protection and Convoy Escort – Through Cohort International's presence in Kabul, Afghanistsan, we have trained and deployed over 100 local and expatriate security professionals. Through our robust presence in Afghanistan we provide armed escort, personal protective details and convoy security to a variety of Afghan and international clients engaged in the international reconstruction effort.