Mission & Values


Our Mission

To set a new standard for excellence in the security industry, and drive value to our clients, employees and shareholders by:
  • Delivering on our commitments;
  • Earning and maintaining the trust of our clients for honesty and discretion;
  • Holding ourselves to the highest legal, moral and ethical standards;
  • Protecting life, and the respect for human rights, above all else;
  • Promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect between our employees, teammates and clients, where harassment and discrimination of any kind is forbidden in the workplace;
  • Providing opportunities for our employees’ educational and professional advancement; and
  • Giving back to our country and community.

Our Values

At Cohort International integrity, respect and value are the cornerstones of our company culture and our client services. Foremost, we embed our code of ethics in all our client relationships, to which we offer not only our breadth of knowledge and experience, but also our thoughtful counsel, clarity of purpose and forthrightness. At our heart we employ a results-oriented approach, and a deep commitment to post-sales and customer support.