Afghanistan Services
Afghanistan Services 

Cohort International has a robust presence in Afghanistan in support of of US government and international commercial operations.  Our subsidiary, Cohort Consultancy Services, an Afghanistan-registered business, is staffed by experienced former US Government Security Managers and a team of the best US trained local nationals and provides secure billeting, life support, security consultancy and logistics to government, commercial and shipping customers.  CI works to provide clients with the highest quality of PSD, convo escort and physical security services.  Using a unique mixture of Western management and highly-trained local staff, we offer a low-visibility but highly effective set of integrated services across Afghanistan. 

CI Business Services
  • Secure Billeting and life support at company guest villa
  • Logistics Operations and Custom Clearance (Land and Air)
  • Air Operations and Transportation, Rotary and Fixed Wing
  • Local Procurement 
  • Security Consultancy 
  • Construction Industry Support
  • Government Relations and Market Support
  • Airport/Customs expeditors
  • Country wide secure transportation
  • Pre-deployment or In-Country Training for Governments, NGO's and Corporation in Individual Protective Measures
CI Security Services
  • Convoy Escort Services
  • Site and Static Security
  • Nationwide Secure Transportation and Personal Security Detail
  • Investigations Support